Type of Visas in Indonesia

Type of Visas in Indonesia

All you need to know about visa when you come to Bali

Bali is famous as a tourist spot that is much in demand by foreign tourists. From the original goal to travel they switched to building a business in Bali, seeing the potential of a fairly high business. They build a business to find more profits or also other reasons.

There are 3 things that make tourists decide to move to Bali. First, Bali has beautiful natural scenery that can refresh the mind for a moment from problems or jobs, such as beaches, mountains, and also a humid tropical climate. Secondly, the environment and the surrounding community are friendly, both in terms of work and personal. Lastly, the cost of living and workers are fairly inexpensive. Out of these three, you don’t have to be surprised to see that many foreigners come to look for their fortune in Bali.

Below is a short article that would explain about Type of Visas in Indonesia :

Business Visa
Business visas are granted to foreigners who will be conducting business activities (such as attending conferences/seminars) in Indonesia, but do not actually take up an employment position at a company or receive any payments when in the country. These types of visas typically have a validity period of one year, and are available in both single and multiple entry variants. Multiple entry holders are permitted to stay a maximum total of 60 days in Indonesia, but this 60 day amount can be spread out over the permit’s validity period. Extensions are available for business visas.

Visa on Arrival
You don’t need make this visa for long time before your departure to the destination of country. You could make this type of visa when you arrive in the destination country. The system with Visa on Arrival is valid only among the countries that have good relations. A foreigner may obtain a visitor’s visa upon arrival in the territory of Indonesia, if his country is included in the list of Visa on Arrivals. A visa on arrival is 30 (thirty) days’ duration and can be extended 1 (one) time with a length of stay of 30 (thirty) days.

Visit Visa
Visit visa is given to a foreigner who will travel to the Indonesia for a goverment, education, social, cultural, tourism, business, family, journalistic or temporary stay to travel to another country.
Foreigners may apply for a visit visa through an Indonesian representative abroad or through a guarantor in Indonesia by applying to the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta. Visa Visits granted by the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Foreign Affairs. The length of stay for visit visa is 60 days, can be renewed 4 times and every time extension is given length of stay 30 days.

Retirement Visa
To retire in Indonesia, you will need to have a Limited Stay Visa for Retirement or Retirement Visa (ITAS or Izin Tinggal Sementara Lansia). The Retirement Visa facility is intended to assist those wishing to spend their retirement in Indonesia.
If you are 55 years of age or old and wish to spend your retirement in Indonesia then this category is ideal for you. You can open a local bank account and hire a driver or maid. Valid initially for 12 months and then extendable annually thereafter.

A KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap) is the permanent stay permit in Indonesia, which can only be issued to investors and workers, retired elderly foreigners older than 55 and foreigners married to Indonesian citizens. As an investor or worker, you are eligible to apply for a KITAP after you hold a KITAS for at least three consecutive years. KITAPs can be obtained for five-year periods, and may be extended for indefinite periods of time.

A work visa is sponsored by an Indonesian company or organization in Indonesia. Before acquiring the Kitas you will be issued a working permit / IMTA (Ijin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing) which confirms your job position and location of the sponsoring Indonesian company. Your job position decides the length of your allowed Kitas duration.

Social Visa
Referred to as the Social Budaya, it can be used for doing voluntary work and visiting friends and relatives. The visa is initially valid for a period of 60 days and can be extended four times. Each subsequent visa is valid for a period of 30 days providing you with up to 6-months in Indonesia without needing to depart.

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