Amed Dive Site

Amed Dive Site

Amed Dive Site is one of the most popular Bali Places of Interest located on the right side of the bay which takes approximately five minutes by Jukung or Balinese traditional boat. The depth ranges from 10 – 35 meters and although the wall itself is a relative small part of the dive, here you can usually find white tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, school of batfish, and some big trevally. Once you pass the wall you will find a deep slope which is rich in corals. If you turn right towards shallower water, you will see big bommies on the sand, covered with gorgonians.

Amed Dive Sites
Pyramids : 5 minutes from the main beach in Amed Dive Site, Pyramids is a sandy slope that leads down to a series of man-made pyramids – hence the name. The pyramids are made out of a mixture of tires and metal boxes and house some extraordinary macro life. If you get far enough along the site for you to turn the corner, the sandy bottom turns into a beautiful wall where there is sometimes a good chance of spotting turtles.

Jemeluk : A 2 minute boat ride from the main beach in Amed Dive Site, Jemeluk is probably one of the most spectacular wall dives of Bali.

Bunutan : A 10 minute boat ride from the main beach on Amed Dive Site, Bunutan is a sandy slope with occasional large coral bommies. Moray eels, lion fish and nudibranchs can easily be found here.

Amed Ghost Bay : From Divers Cafe we simply walk to the beach and dive Amed Dive Site Ghost Bay, where you can see the artificial reef. Rare species like the clown frog fish (Antennarius maculatus), different kinds of ghost pipe fish (Solenostomus paradoxus), mimic octopuses (Thaumoctopus mimeticus), huge stone fishes (Synaceia verrucosa), amazing crabs, tiny juvenile lion fishes (Pterois volitans), pigmy seahorses (Hyppocampus bargibanti), razor fish (Aeoliscus strigatus), just to mention a few, can be found at Amed Ghost Bay. Photographers from all over the world come here to take pictures of these rarely found species.

Jemeluk Kayu Putih : From Amed Dive Site village we board a Jukung (the traditional outrigger boat), which will take us to our dive spot. Jemeluk Kayu Putih is a drop off, about -25m deep and just perfect for a second dive. The highlight is a pinnacle, which erects from a depth of – 25m forming a scenic swim-through at -20m. The – 5m safety stop is highly entertaining. This dive is a drift dive with a mild current. The following boat picks the divers up and makes the dive very comfortable.

Amed Wall : From Amed Dive Site village we board a Jukung to Jemeluk where we start diving in a shallow area of – 3 to – 8m in a wonderful coral garden. You may see turtles, parrotfish and a huge variety of smaller creatures. A moderate current will guide us in about 10 minutes to the drop off, which drops to a depth of – 35m. It is beautifully gr Diving in Bali own with soft coral and any possible species of reef fish can be found there. White- and black-tip reef sharks pop in occasionally to patrol their feeding ground. At a depth of – 27m is a sandy field highly populated with blue-spotted stingrays (Taeniura lymma). The coral garden starts right off the beach in Jemeluk and is one of Bali’s best snorkelling areas.

Barracuda Point : We approach Barracuda Point with our speed boat. We jump into the water at an extensive eels (Heteroconger hassi) garden and dive down to a depth of about – 35m. Between large sponges we drift through a remarkable spectacle of fish. Huge barracudas outnumber and outsize the reef sharks that don’t seem to be too shy to come and have a closer look. Large moray eels and stingrays inhabit the reef and even the sunfish (Mola-mola) occasionally appears here. This dive site is just a must for all lovers of big fish.

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